Creepy Critters
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About Us

Kids love animals!


What could be more enjoyable and unique than a collection of creepy, fascinating animals to marvel at?


We have a wide variety of insects, arachnids, frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards and snakes for your entertainment.We bring over 30 animals to an hour program.


If the children are 4 years or older, we usually take the animals one at a time, show them to the children, and tell a little about them. The children are able to touch most of the animals, although a few, like the tarantula, are only handled by our staff. For younger  children, we set up a display, and let the children wander through and touch  the animals that they are interested in. We also use this approach at most carnivals and picnics. For very large groups, like school assemblies, handling of the animals may be limited to volunteers called to the front.



We are fully insured up to $500,000.


Our family is an animal loving group, and most of our animals live in the house with us. We know them all by name. Mike was a zookeeper for 30 years, mostly at the Dallas Zoo. Before that, he worked in the Natural History department at the Texas Memorial Museum for 3 years. Daniel, James and Joshua have grown up with our animal collection, and are full of information about the various species. Christina keeps the business end of things working properly.


We promise to provide  a safe and enjoyable experience. Children and animals are our two favorite things in the world.





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