Creepy Critters
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We've got the CREEPY stuff! We specialize in reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates (bugs). Let us bring our weird and creepy animals to your party, company picnic, family reunion, school, daycare, church event or camp program.


Our animals are accustomed to the best of     
care and cleanliness. Mike has over 35 years
experience in animal care.

We promise to leave your home or school as clean as it was when we arrived. We can do our presentation indoors or outdoors, but if the weather is cold (below 50) we must work indoors to protect our cold blooded buddies.

  The children will be instructed as to which animals they may touch and how to touch them so that neither children or animals will be harmed.We promise to provide a safe and enjoyable experience.


Thank you for considering Creepy Critters for your event!

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